Who Is the Teacher?

When we think in the context of school, “teacher” is the person that is in charge of the content. Our mental image usually reverts to that person in the front of the room, instructing a group of students who are grouped together, usually by age (at least through middle school!). In that sense, the image is correct because it is the one that we have all agreed upon.

Of course, we also know that “teacher” can take on other meanings or have other connotations as well. Failure can be a “teacher,” as can winning, or a friend, or a book. But in the context of Luke 6:40, it is implied that there is a person-to-person relationship involved. “The disciple (student) … will be like their teacher.” This can be a scary thought! There have been times when I have observed my own children doing the most undesirable things, only to realize that they are in part imitating ME.

A blog that was recently shared with me gave me a reason to pause and think about my life – how I portray my relationship with Christ – not in words, but in deed. How Skipping Church Affects Our Children isn’t really just about skipping church, although that’s the example that is used. It is a challenge to parents to stop and reflect on how our Christianity “looks” looks to our children. What are our priorities when it comes to church? What are our habits of prayer and bible study? How do we respond to difficulties? Or someone who is annoying? or difficult?

As parents (and as teachers) our children are watching. Like it or not, they are picking up on cues from us about what it means to lay down our lives and follow Christ. It is an awesome responsibility, and a great privilege both as a principal and a parent to know this.

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